We’re Getting Closer!

Hey Titan Fans!


The clock is TICKING!


We only have one more day of practice left and let me tell you, these last few months flew by!  It’s been amazing seeing all of the change flood Anderson Family Field and throughout the program.  We feel prepared and just ready to get out on the field and show you and the rest of the world what Titan Softball is all about.

I personally love the environment here and I hope you all feel our excitement for the season!  The team and myself are more determined than EVER to bring back our Titan name to the softball community, and although we are underdogs for the season, we cannot wait to prove ourselves out on the dirt.

We hope that you come out and join us this weekend in kicking off our 2013 season and see us compete throughout the next few months!  We can feel your support so keep it coming!  It’s only more motivation and we can never have too much of that!



Can’t wait to see you out there Titan fans!

– Ariel #31


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